Everything’s Getting Better

Hello :)

I still remember the times when we were together. It has been a few years and we didn’t get along lately. I think I miss those moments. The time has gone so fast and we’ll go in separately way soon. I really appreciate the laugh and story we’d share.

There’s no perfect person in this world. We all ever make sins. We have our good, bad, positive, and negative side. It’s not like we can judge other person freely. We all have stories behind it.

It’s hard to know someone’s character. Cheerful people when we can’t see sadness deep inside their heart. People who buried their problem in the bottom of their heart that make nobody can guess what happened to them. People who talk about everything they think right so people will get the meaning easily. People who choose to keep calm whether they care or not about what others said.

Nobody’s the same. You can show yourself to the world by your personality. And people will judge you by your character. Nobody can change one’s character but themselves. Others can talk and give their opinion to you. It will depends on you what you will do.

This life, you’re the one who take control of your life. No one can control it because you’re the one who got life. Someday you will stand by your own feet. First, second, or the last child of your family, you already have your own role in this world. We must reach our own goal in the end.

To reach the goal, we have our different path. God has prepared the path exclusively just for you. Short path, long path, rocky path, silk path, or steep path, you gotta reach the goal no matter how long the time you need to through. It’s your way, it has been destined. But it depends to you how you will face it. Accept it or find another way.

I don’t (really) believe in coincidence. Everything happens for a reason. The person you newly meet, your friends, your family, your enemy, you meet them to learn something. They give you lesson even you don’t realize it.

Life. It’s still a hard word to explain. What it really means. What it really for. It’s not as simple as it look. Your life’s your choice, regret is just a vain. Just enjoy your life while you can, but don’t go out from the track. :)


The Precious Holiday

Hello there :D

My third year in college has ended, it’s time for some fresh air before the forth year begins. So my friends and I planned — a very quick plan, a trip from Pekanbaru, Riau to West Sumatra. You know, West Sumatra becomes the most right place around here to runaway. Commonly people will go to Pantai Carocok or Pulau Sikuai. But our main goal is Pulau Pagang.

Okay. It’s a 4 days trip. We headed to West at 4:00 AM, Thursday morning. The weather wasn’t really good that morning. It’s kinda foggy, so my friend Jefry, as driver couldn’t see much what’s in front of us and he is a nearsighted. That was very scary I can only see small lights from car passing by. The dawn has come and we make a stop at a big and beautiful mosque in Bangkinang.

Around 11:00 AM we arrived at Lembah Anai, Padang Panjang. It’s located between Bukittinggi and Padang. After 2 hours and a half traveling, we arrived at Padang. It was a very long day then I’ll skip to Friday afternoon. We continue our trip to the South of Padang and making a stop at Pantai Carolina (Carolina Beach). It’s located in Teluk Bayur. If you go more South you will find Pantai Carocok. But we decided to go to Pulau Pasir (Sand Island) by taking a boat from Pantai Carolina. It’s a nice small island, you can only find sand there and many corals. It’s my first time after years tasting the sea water. Yup it’s salty. Nothing is better than swimming in the sea, you can call it freedom. Here’s a shot from Pulau Pasir.

Pulau Pasir

Pulau Pasir

We went back to Pantai Carolina before sunset catch us. Here’s the shot:

Almost sunset at Pantai Carolina

Almost sunset at Pantai Carolina

That’s for Friday. Saturday has come and we decided to go to Pulau Pagang. It’s a gloomy morning, but we still keep going. The trip took about an hour by speed boat to reach Pulau Pagang. The waves were very very big and we’re trembling fantastically. I don’t know why but I feel very unlucky because we got big waves attacked us while took this trip. Thank goodness I still get my grip by holding my friends’ arms. And of course, my buttom was incredibly in pain. But every pain has gone after looking at these shots:

Pulau Pagang, from boat

Pulau Pagang, from boat

View from Pulau Pagang - 01

View from Pulau Pagang – 01

View from Pulau Pagang - 02

View from Pulau Pagang – 02

We arrived in Pulau Pagang at almost noon, around 11:30 AM. We challenged the sun and ready to swimming and snorkeling under the salty water. Satisfied by watching fishes and collecting shells, we headed back to Padang in the afternoon. Tomorrow is the last day of our holiday. The morning has come and we accidentally meet our juniors at gas station. We decided to go to Puncak Lawang together. We didn’t go to the forest but we go to the park. You can see Danau Maninjau from here. Here’s a shot:

View from Puncak Lawang

View from Puncak Lawang

Okay, beautiful views ended here. Time to go back to Pekanbaru. I didn’t feel regret because it’ll be my last trip with my dearest friends in this 4 years. Maybe we can go next time when we got our own money :D This was a very special trip to me and my friends, nothing can compare this! We’ll never forget the lessons we got there :)


I Hate My Friends!

Hello there.

Do you ever feel furious, ashamed, blushed and mixed at the same time? Well I felt that way a few days ago. You feel that you can’t speak any of word and you just keep it safe in your mind. You can’t spill it out at that time or you will get caught what’s on your mind. That was very dangerous so you can only put your straight face on.

Isn’t it normal when you see a charming person and you want to get to know about her/him. So you tell you friends about what you see. For example, “hey, he looks hot.” And when you and your friend walk in front of her and then your friend whisper to you, “he’s behind you, he’s behind you.” Okay.. why did you tell it to me. Of course I knew it so st*u. I’m not mad but I just have to act cool. Well that’s why I hate my friends! Just sometimes. They can’t even act. They really CAN’T.

So what should I do then? They will always tease me, tease me and tease me. Well I know it’s my fault, why I tell my feelings to them. But only them who can listen to me. And with a bit hope, they will make randomly idea and make that person at least look at me. When that person look at me, it feels bright and I can feel the wind blows. But SOON it will be ruined by ashamed feeling.

It’s not like.. Well, I just..

I really appreciate their acts. But please, oh I don’t wanna talk about this. Okay, will you just let it flow naturally? Okay thanks.


Having You In The Future

“Cinta tidak harus memiliki..”

We call it by that in Indonesian Language. Maybe it’s “You don’t have to own the love” in English. But wait, what the hell is wrong with me? I can tell you it’s not an usual feeling.

What’s the meaning of this? I’ll explain to you. It’s a condition when you fall in love with someone, but you know that you can’t have him/her. Then, you can see him/her happy with another person and meanwhile it gives you a heartsick. I believe almost everyone has ever felt it. Well, you can’t force your desire to make him/her love you back. – Actually I don’t really like to write about this, because it’s kinda a difficult matter –“

But the love that I’m feeling here is about something that I can’t comply. It’s just, the condition doesn’t allow me to have him. I’ve been loving him since high school time. But I don’t have any courage to make him mine. Just why? I think he is a part of me, I really want to learn about him. Whenever I hear rock songs, especially Avenged Sevenfold, that desire to have him appear once again now. Maybe I get older now, and I don’t have an idea where I should start this.

When I went to bookstore last week, it finally cracked me up. I think I want to cry when I saw him standing gallantly there. Just why.. I was thinking about having him. But I really can’t, I don’t have any skills. Perhaps, I can learn it through the internet or whatever. It will be great if I can play with him while I’m studying. And it will be amazing if I can play with him whenever I want. Maybe I can have you in the future =)



My Heroes ❤

Annyeong :)

Oh God, these days I can’t think about anyone but only JSON. You’ve successfully make me stressed out, no, not really. I have to learn more about it, but, later. I gotta tell you guys something, about my heroes :D

Well, let’s start from my first hero.

1. Naruto

Naruto Uzumaki

Yup, he’s such a stubborn child. But now, he has grown up and become a mature man. He has a power to gather all people’s heart. He’s so cool, but he’s also fool. That’s what I like about him :)

2. Monkey D. Luffy

Monkey D. Luffy

Luffy is a pirate and he’s a captain in his crew. His crew called by Mugiwara no Ichimi or Straw Hat Pirates. He’s cheerful and also cool. I love his personality and his voice. Just look at the pic above, he always feeling excited about something. I don’t know if he ever fall in love? He doesn’t have any feeling towards girl, I wonder why? But that’s what I like about him. He’s also a dumb, just like Naruto. He won’t give up on something. He will try to get what he wants until he get it. He enjoys traveling through the sea (you don’t say!). If he’s alive, I will marry him. Don’t ask me. Too many things that I like about him :)

3. Trevor Philips

Trevor Philips

Oh my God. Just look at him. He’s such a hipster! Haha, no I won’t say it again Trevor :p

I don’t know why I like him. He’s a vicious man, he will do whatever he wants. Uh-oh, that’s horrible. He never take a shower, he eats whatever inside his refrigerator, include a spoiled food (ewww..) So, why do people admire him? He has no plus side, and he’s not very handsome haha.. But I can feel that he’s a very sensitive man. Just when he found someone he loves, he will love that woman deeply. He won’t let anyone touch her. Yup, that’s just so sweet. And also, he’s very brave. Oh, I forget. I am also a fan of his voice actor. He’s Steven Ogg. He’s very similiar to Trevor. Oh my, just when I saw him, and when he’s talking, he’s a real Trevor! Well, its Steven Ogg photo, he’s wearing blue plaid shirt :)

Steven Ogg

Well, that’s them. They all are very cool and I love their character :D What about you?