When You Think You’re The Most Correct Person In The World

Annyeong! ๐Ÿ™‚

Today I feel like somewhat fiery. Well, because reading a Facebook war.

In this world, especially Indonesia, I aware that we are free to express your mind in social media. You can tell that you are older than someone, you got many experience than someone, you are mature than someone. But it doesn’t always make you better than that someone.

You can choose the leader. But if it connected to religion, it will be a difficult matter. It’s not that easy to judge who you will choose. It’s not easy to spread their goodness, but it seems easy to spread their badness. You gotta filter your words first so there will be no war occurred.

I used to be a silent reader. Honestly, I don’t like reading news or watching TV — about politics, I mean. I don’t like to getting my anger arouse for something that the truth is not clear. Nobody will know about the truth. Media can cover and seasoning it up. Then the ones who will join the war are people that has short temper and people who think they know about the truth.

Well, I never thought about this world is fair. I mean, world is not the one to blame, but the people inside it are.

Politics. Truth. Media. Will you find the truth in politics that made by media?

Yes, maybe you’re politician, I believe you’re the most know about politic condition in this country. But what about us that ain’t a politician? We only know the information from media. Well, you know. If you can think, media always make something bigger than the original one. So why we (non politician) must fight each other just to debate about the truth we don’t know? I love peace. That’s why I think politic is a difficult matter for me. From politic can connect to economy, religion and etc. It’s very wide so you cannot take it lightly. You gotta defend your words, you have to responsible to what you said, you gotta choose your words. It’s not cool when you insult people, but you insult wrong person. You’re just gonna embarrass yourself. Then you insult more to make yourself look good, in fact, you’re just showing that you are totally a Dumb.

Well, for people who care about politics and people who like to comment. Choose your words before speak. Is it valid or invalid. If invalid, then just throw it. You gotta confirm the media you read. Is it valid or invalid. When you want to reply, just double check your words to minimize your fault. And be prepare to attack, defend and responsible.

Every drama has positive and negative side. Take the positive side and learn about the negative side. Because you can absolutely find positive and negative side in everything.

I think this life is already heavy, why mind debating about something that the truth we don’t know?



Lovely Old Collections 📚

Annyeong โ˜บ

Detective. That’s one of my old dream to become in young age 😂 that’s because of Sherlock Holmes. I loved to read Sherlock Holmes books in junior high school. It’s like I acquired some skills from those books 😂

Here are my old collections. I missed the other 2 books, someone borrowed them and didn’t return them to me 😩
I think I’m gonna do some flashback because I forget the story and watch Sherlock Holmes series 😆🎬 By the way, I can not wait for Sherlock Season 4 this year 😆


Sherlock Holmes books


TAT 2015 w/ PSF

Annyeong โ˜บ

Welcome to 2016! 2015 was a great year for me, the crucial one. Final project, graduation, tours, my sister’s wedding, struggling as a job hunter, and the most important one was, the last year my friends and I sit in campus together – for 4 years. Oh I will never forget 2015’s memories.

Talking about the last days of 2015, my family and I joined a TAT (Touring Akhir Tahun) with PSF Chapter Riau. Well, I was so excited because the motto is “Merangkai Nusantara”. Wow it sounds awesome.

This tour took more than 3000 KM from Pekanbaru and back to Pekanbaru again. I will share the details on paragraph below. Check it out โ˜บ

1. Garut

Our main destination is Garut. Garut is located at south of Bandung. It took 2 days to reach Garut by land route from Pekanbaru. We rest in Danau Dariza Resort and here are some shots.


Danau Dariza Resort at noon


Danau Dariza Resort at night


Welcome to Bandung

2. Merak

We crossed Lampung to Merak by ship. It took an hour and half to cross the passage.


View of Merak Harbour from land


View of Merak Harbour from ship


We Love Indonesia ship


Gerbang Tol Merak

3. Lampung

After crossing for an hour and half, finally I see an interesting view from afar. It’s sea! Yup, you can see sea shore along side the road.





Nice view from hotel


New year firework


Farewell sign from Bandar Lampung


Twin bridge near Kampung Bali, Lampung

04. Palembang

After took 10 hours from Lampung, we finally arrived at Palembang. You can see Sungai Musi (the widest river in Indonesia) and Ampera Bridge.


Ampera Bridge from below


A fountain after Ampera Bridge

5. Jambi

Jambi is the first and the last city we visited. We rest at Rumah Kito Resort. I think this hotel is quite impressive. Here are some shots:







Sushi Time 🍣

Annyeong! โ˜บ

Hello there. It’s my first article about food (maybe). In this article, I will share photo of foods I ordered in Sushi Tei Pekanbaru — I can’t write any review yet. But I’ll write a little description about the food.

This is the upper view of my seat. Quite artistic, huh?

Here are some menus I ordered:

1. Soft Shell Crab Maki 🍥


Soft Shell Crab Maki - IDR 42000

Sushi rolls with soft shell crab inside. Fill up your mouth with this crunchy maki. You can also taste the crunchiness of tobiko – the tiny, orange and pearl-like stuff.

2. Spicy Salmon Maki 🔥


Spicy Salmon Maki - IDR 28000

This sushi roll is filled with salmon. It’s spicy yet challenging.

3. Kanimayo Tobiko Maki 🍥


Kanimayo Tobiko Maki - IDR 28000

This sushi roll is filled with crab and mayo. You can also taste the crunchiness of tobiko.

4. Mix Inari Sushi 🍣


Mix Inari Sushi - IDR 20000

At first, I think the outer layer was scrambled egg. But I was wrong. It’s a fried tofu pouch. Filled with rice and top with seaweed and tuna meat. The seaweed tastes chewy and fun to eat. It’s quite addictive.

5. Tori Gyoza 🐥


Tori Gyoza - IDR 29000

It’s a group of fried thin-skinned dumplings. Filled with chicken. You won’t get bored with this gyoza.

6. Chicken Katsu Curry 🍛


Chicken Katsu Curry - IDR 60000

It’s a nice creamy chicken katsu curry to eat. Love the thickness of the curry’s texture.

7. Nama Matcha 🍧


Nama Matcha - IDR 32000

Well, because I love matcha so deeply, I really enjoy the bitterness and the softness of this ice cream. It’s Oishii! Jjang! Daebak! It’s totally my favorite and just like what I imagined.

It’s all for now. See you on my next food article 🙋