Too Good to be True

Well you know, honey
You are just running away
From your prison
To heal your pain

Let me be the sweetest thing
In your precious life

Yes I know it was not real
Even only for short time
Those ridiculous talks
It is hard to turn back

Yes I know it’s not forever
Though it hurts me
But I have no choice
To leave you alone
In the darkness
In this cruel world

Trying to be your saviour
Even it hurts me
Knowing there is no future for us
Only the present time

You know it joys me
When I see the other side of you
Which no one else can see
When it’s only me
Who able to see it

It confuses me
Our destiny
Should I stay
Or should I leave
This annoys me
To choose it

How about you
You also confuse
To choose your path
You need to choose
To fall
Or to fly

Yes I know
I was such a fool
Cuz in the end
You are outnumbered
To freely choose
Your own path

Well you know, honey
You deserve much love
And all warmness
From this world
From people around you

You gotta be strong, honey
This weak-hearted
Should not have touch it
It was an honest mistake



Buried by Zero Fantasy

There might come happy times

When we exchange thousand silly words

There might come bad times

When we exchange thousand silent words


If only I have a little courage

To dig these buried feelings out

If only you let me know the truth

Of the feelings you got inside

If only I can ignore you

Like you ignore me


The only thing I can do now is

To stop hoping

Cuz I only have zero hope, or less

That you will reach me

That you will find me

Still it hurt

This silentness


If removing you is a must

Even I don’t have flame inside

I will burn down our memories

And memories of you


Thank you for letting me feel this kind of feeling

That spark feeling

That excited feeling

That comfy feeling

This hopeless feeling

This hateful feeling

This empty feeling

And sorry, to put my hope too high

— Well, I said it to myself