Buried by Zero Fantasy

There might come happy times

When we exchange thousand silly words

There might come bad times

When we exchange thousand silent words


If only I have a little courage

To dig these buried feelings out

If only you let me know the truth

Of the feelings you got inside

If only I can ignore you

Like you ignore me


The only thing I can do now is

To stop hoping

Cuz I only have zero hope, or less

That you will reach me

That you will find me

Still it hurt

This silentness


If removing you is a must

Even I don’t have flame inside

I will burn down our memories

And memories of you


Thank you for letting me feel this kind of feeling

That spark feeling

That excited feeling

That comfy feeling

This hopeless feeling

This hateful feeling

This empty feeling

And sorry, to put my hope too high

— Well, I said it to myself



Ouch. That. Hurts. So. Much.


When You Think You’re The Most Correct Person In The World

Annyeong! 🙂

Today I feel like somewhat fiery. Well, because reading a Facebook war.

In this world, especially Indonesia, I aware that we are free to express your mind in social media. You can tell that you are older than someone, you got many experience than someone, you are mature than someone. But it doesn’t always make you better than that someone.

You can choose the leader. But if it connected to religion, it will be a difficult matter. It’s not that easy to judge who you will choose. It’s not easy to spread their goodness, but it seems easy to spread their badness. You gotta filter your words first so there will be no war occurred.

I used to be a silent reader. Honestly, I don’t like reading news or watching TV — about politics, I mean. I don’t like to getting my anger arouse for something that the truth is not clear. Nobody will know about the truth. Media can cover and seasoning it up. Then the ones who will join the war are people that has short temper and people who think they know about the truth.

Well, I never thought about this world is fair. I mean, world is not the one to blame, but the people inside it are.

Politics. Truth. Media. Will you find the truth in politics that made by media?

Yes, maybe you’re politician, I believe you’re the most know about politic condition in this country. But what about us that ain’t a politician? We only know the information from media. Well, you know. If you can think, media always make something bigger than the original one. So why we (non politician) must fight each other just to debate about the truth we don’t know? I love peace. That’s why I think politic is a difficult matter for me. From politic can connect to economy, religion and etc. It’s very wide so you cannot take it lightly. You gotta defend your words, you have to responsible to what you said, you gotta choose your words. It’s not cool when you insult people, but you insult wrong person. You’re just gonna embarrass yourself. Then you insult more to make yourself look good, in fact, you’re just showing that you are totally a Dumb.

Well, for people who care about politics and people who like to comment. Choose your words before speak. Is it valid or invalid. If invalid, then just throw it. You gotta confirm the media you read. Is it valid or invalid. When you want to reply, just double check your words to minimize your fault. And be prepare to attack, defend and responsible.

Every drama has positive and negative side. Take the positive side and learn about the negative side. Because you can absolutely find positive and negative side in everything.

I think this life is already heavy, why mind debating about something that the truth we don’t know?