Sushi Time 🍣

Annyeong! ☺

Hello there. It’s my first article about food (maybe). In this article, I will share photo of foods I ordered in Sushi Tei Pekanbaru — I can’t write any review yet. But I’ll write a little description about the food.

This is the upper view of my seat. Quite artistic, huh?

Here are some menus I ordered:

1. Soft Shell Crab Maki 🍥


Soft Shell Crab Maki - IDR 42000

Sushi rolls with soft shell crab inside. Fill up your mouth with this crunchy maki. You can also taste the crunchiness of tobiko – the tiny, orange and pearl-like stuff.

2. Spicy Salmon Maki 🔥


Spicy Salmon Maki - IDR 28000

This sushi roll is filled with salmon. It’s spicy yet challenging.

3. Kanimayo Tobiko Maki 🍥


Kanimayo Tobiko Maki - IDR 28000

This sushi roll is filled with crab and mayo. You can also taste the crunchiness of tobiko.

4. Mix Inari Sushi 🍣


Mix Inari Sushi - IDR 20000

At first, I think the outer layer was scrambled egg. But I was wrong. It’s a fried tofu pouch. Filled with rice and top with seaweed and tuna meat. The seaweed tastes chewy and fun to eat. It’s quite addictive.

5. Tori Gyoza 🐥


Tori Gyoza - IDR 29000

It’s a group of fried thin-skinned dumplings. Filled with chicken. You won’t get bored with this gyoza.

6. Chicken Katsu Curry 🍛


Chicken Katsu Curry - IDR 60000

It’s a nice creamy chicken katsu curry to eat. Love the thickness of the curry’s texture.

7. Nama Matcha 🍧


Nama Matcha - IDR 32000

Well, because I love matcha so deeply, I really enjoy the bitterness and the softness of this ice cream. It’s Oishii! Jjang! Daebak! It’s totally my favorite and just like what I imagined.

It’s all for now. See you on my next food article 🙋


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