The Annual Scent and Color of Riau

Hello πŸ™‚

How are you guys feeling? Pretty well, huh? You should be thankful for where you live, all praises be to Allah. The news nowadays, it’s really getting on my nerves. I’ve held it for too long, now I can write something, eventually.

Quoted from:, our Ministry of Health, Nila F. Moeloek said, “Masker juga bisa dengan sapu tangan atau bentuk apapun yang penting partikular tak masuk rongga hidung”. She said that we don’t have to use mask, but you can also use handkerchief to prevent particulates enter your nasal cavity. Thank you madam, that was a very positive idea!

But you know what? We don’t need that kind of idea right now. It’s like, we’re suffering to death, but you, talk like everything’s gonna be okay. Thank goodness my health is pretty good this year. I only got a light flu in the beginning of this disaster — it’s around July maybe. And I should be thankful because my body get used to it. My body can adapt well with the awful-horrible air outside. But how about the other kids? Their bodies didn’t get used to it. As long as I remember, I can tell it’s the most horrible and the longest period that occur in this disaster — yup, an artificial disaster.

So what do we do now? The people who set up fire only wanted to give their children food — but to think about it again, no, it’s to fill up their tummy with money, a full-hell of money. You know, the only thing that I’m thinking is, those people will die burnt in the forest they burnt. Or their house and their children are burnt to death. Is it cruel enough? No? Or is it? Well, I’m just thinking about it. I haven’t done it yet, like what they’ve done. Because I’m “thinking”, I use a little part of my brain, thinking that it was cruel enough. But what about them? I think they don’t use their pretty big brain. Such a poor people. They should’ve use their brain so the artificial disaster wouldn’t be happen.

Well, it’s time for me to apply some job. I don’t know what people will think about me when I apply to another city. “Hey, so you’re from Riau? So you’re infected by ISPA? That’s so nasty, get the hell off from here! Nobody will hire you!” — Wow, I don’t expect it to be happen. That’s not really funny, though.

Talking about job, I love to buy some little snacks around SMP 6 — my hometown friends will have an idea what this place is. I really would love to visit that place, but I know, I’m “thinking” again the salesman wouldn’t be there due to the artificial disaster. Now I’m thinking again, what are they doing right now? Did they go to SMP 6 to sell their food? But if they go, students wouldn’t be there because they have a very looong “holy-days”. After these holy-days, they should prepare themselves to mid test and another test coming continuously. Then my younger sister said, “Mom, please don’t blame me if my report card is bad”. She always studies with her study group, and I can see she did her best to learn without teacher at school. Well, it’s her second year in high school, she have to prepare very hard to get into a university.

Now I’m thinking again, the capital city of Indonesia should be moved to Pekanbaru. President, Ministries and all Government Officials move to this artificial disaster earth, Pekanbaru or another city. What will they do? I hope they bring a mountain of their handkerchiefs to use them well in this city, so they can protect their lungs. I’m so sure a mountain of handkerchiefs will help a lot. You guys should give it a try! πŸ™‚ But after they move here, I think the artificial disaster won’t exist anymore. Nobody will dare to touch any forest near here, I’m sure πŸ™‚

But that’s not the exact solution. So what’s the real solution? We just need that exact solution! I’m sure they will find the solution very soon — after this earth collapse, maybe.

I’m still struggling. I can not do anything. I’m pretty broke, I haven’t got any job — well I’m still on fire seeking and applying, you know. Or should I catch polluted air inside the bottle and sell it to rich people? Will they buy it? I’m thinking too much to produce money with “halal” way, you know. And again, I’m still thinking, using a little part of my brain. I don’t know when I’m able to use my whole brain. I’m expecting that moment to come.

Well, my lovely-highly Government Officials, Ministries and Mr. President, can you find the exact solution? I’m sure you will. It’s a very urgent matter, I hope you can think calmly in Jakarta that filled with nice weather and cool air. But you are not only have to think about it, you also have to apply the solution quickly. You said that the weather will getting better in 2 weeks. But, what? I can only see the polluted air increases. I feel like wanna cry when I crossed Siak Bridge.

I don’t have any mood to take photos of outside view. Actually that’s what I like, blue sky, green trees, nice weather. But I feel like I was in snowy country like Swiss or other country.

Grey Sky and Leafless Trees

Gray Sky and Leafless Trees

No, it’s not my favorite caption. I usually use #bluesky on my instagram — please checkout my instagram account heehee. Sadly, my camera phone make it much better, unlike what it actually does. So what’s the future hold? I hope my grandhildren wouldn’t get infected by ISPA and never smell the “fresh” smell of polluted air.

Now that I’m “thinking” again, is this a program of government to produce human immune to polluted air? Nah, my thought wouldn’t be right.


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