Excuses Needed

Annyeong! :mrgreen:

How are you today? Fine? Unwell?
Do you ever feel want to cry out loud but you don’t have any reason to cry? We women must be ever feel this feeling.

Some people say that another twins of yours is crying there in another world (well I’m not really sure about this..) But the only thing that we need is to find some excuses.

I often cry when I’m alone and cry as much as I want. Just me alone. I think about my past, my faults, regrets, and whatever I’d like to think. Then crazy minds come to me. Thinking about “no one loves me”, “I better commit a suicide”. Just thinking “what the hell I’m thinking in this world”. “What about I’m walking in this world alone”. “What about I don’t care about my friends, my family”. “What about I’m just disappear in this world”. “Would it be better for me to leave this world”. “Would it be better for world if I disappear”.

Thinking all of those makes me feel better. And I started to arrange plans for what I should do next. That’s kind of refreshing. It makes you thankful by being in this world, you realize that you have so much to do in this world. There are not enough good things you do in this world. You haven’t make your parents proud. And there are too many things that haven’t settle yet.

That feeling usually comes up in your PMS or when you’re feeling down. “Sometimes that’s okay to be not okay.” Don’t worry, just remember those words. It’ll keep your mind healthy and think clearly to complete your job.


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