Brightest Star 🌟

Laying down on the ground full of green grass
You can see many stars up above the sky in the lonely night
You can choose some beautiful stars
Those stars with the most shining among the others
You can watch them until you fall asleep
You open your eyes
You can see the brightest star from those shining stars
It’s so far away
You can’t reach it
You can only close your eyes
And try to reach it
The brightest one is still there right above the sky
Whenever you open your eyes..
You will only see it from afar
It suddenly blinded you
You can’t open your eyes
You loose the brightest star
Then you can’t see anything
You close your eyes

Then you wait for another lonely night

Laying down on the hill full of flowers
You realize you can’t find the previous brightest star
You realize you need to see another brightest star
To set your new hope
You close your eyes
Something blinded you
You open your eyes
Another brightest star comes to you
You promise you will never close your eyes
To make it stay with you forever
Even it totally blinded you up
You know how hard to find another brightest star

What you can do
If the previous brightest star
Still there waiting for you
In the same place..


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