Naruto 698 – Usuratonkachi

Hello πŸ™‚

Finally the fight between Naruto and Sasuke has ended! I don’t know what to say, I’m just feeling so happy! :’)

Naruto & Sasuke

Naruto & Sasuke


Sasuke's feeling 1

Sasuke’s feeling 1


Sasuke's feeling 2

Sasuke’s feeling 2


After a long conversation, then..




So I think Sasuke got jealous all this time with Naruto? You gotta be kidding me. I think their friendship is very strong until now. I just hope they will stop fighting. Sasuke called Naruto by Usuratonkachi! He used to call him by it since they’re kid. But what will they do without their hands? Will they die? Oh no, Sakura please come quickly! Can’t wait for the next chapter.


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