Everything’s Getting Better

Hello πŸ™‚

I still remember the times when we were together. It has been a few years and we didn’t get along lately. I think I miss those moments. The time has gone so fast and we’ll go in separately way soon. I really appreciate the laugh and story we’d share.

There’s no perfect person in this world. We all ever make sins. We have our good, bad, positive, and negative side. It’s not like we can judge other person freely. We all have stories behind it.

It’s hard to know someone’s character. Cheerful people when we can’t see sadness deep inside their heart. People who buried their problem in the bottom of their heart that make nobody can guess what happened to them. People who talk about everything they think right so people will get the meaning easily. People who choose to keep calm whether they care or not about what others said.

Nobody’s the same. You can show yourself to the world by your personality. And people will judge you by your character. Nobody can change one’s character but themselves. Others can talk and give their opinion to you. It will depends on you what you will do.

This life, you’re the one who take control of your life. No one can control it because you’re the one who got life. Someday you will stand by your own feet. First, second, or the last child of your family, you already have your own role in this world. We must reach our own goal in the end.

To reach the goal, we have our different path. God has prepared the path exclusively just for you. Short path, long path, rocky path, silk path, or steep path, you gotta reach the goal no matter how long the time you need to through. It’s your way, it has been destined. But it depends to you how you will face it. Accept it or find another way.

I don’t (really) believe in coincidence. Everything happens for a reason. The person you newly meet, your friends, your family, your enemy, you meet them to learn something. They give you lesson even you don’t realize it.

Life. It’s still a hard word to explain. What it really means. What it really for. It’s not as simple as it look. Your life’s your choice, regret is just a vain. Just enjoy your life while you can, but don’t go out from the track. πŸ™‚


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