The Precious Holiday

Hello there πŸ˜€

My third year in college has ended, it’s time for some fresh air before the forth year begins. So my friends and I planned — a very quick plan, a trip from Pekanbaru, Riau to West Sumatra. You know, West Sumatra becomes the most right place around here to runaway. Commonly people will go to Pantai Carocok or Pulau Sikuai. But our main goal is Pulau Pagang.

Okay. It’s a 4 days trip. We headed to West at 4:00 AM, Thursday morning. The weather wasn’t really good that morning. It’s kinda foggy, so my friend Jefry, as driver couldn’t see much what’s in front of us and he is a nearsighted. That was very scary I can only see small lights from car passing by. The dawn has come and we make a stop at a big and beautiful mosque in Bangkinang.

Around 11:00 AM we arrived at Lembah Anai, Padang Panjang. It’s located between Bukittinggi and Padang. After 2 hours and a half traveling, we arrived at Padang. It was a very long day then I’ll skip to Friday afternoon. We continue our trip to the South of Padang and making a stop at Pantai Carolina (Carolina Beach). It’s located in Teluk Bayur. If you go more South you will find Pantai Carocok. But we decided to go to Pulau Pasir (Sand Island) by taking a boat from Pantai Carolina. It’s a nice small island, you can only find sand there and many corals. It’s my first time after years tasting the sea water. Yup it’s salty. Nothing is better than swimming in the sea, you can call it freedom. Here’s a shot from Pulau Pasir.

Pulau Pasir

Pulau Pasir

We went back to Pantai Carolina before sunset catch us. Here’s the shot:

Almost sunset at Pantai Carolina

Almost sunset at Pantai Carolina

That’s for Friday. Saturday has come and we decided to go to Pulau Pagang. It’s a gloomy morning, but we still keep going. The trip took about an hour by speed boat to reach Pulau Pagang. The waves were very very big and we’re trembling fantastically. I don’t know why but I feel very unlucky because we got big waves attacked us while took this trip. Thank goodness I still get my grip by holding my friends’ arms. And of course, my buttom was incredibly in pain. But every pain has gone after looking at these shots:

Pulau Pagang, from boat

Pulau Pagang, from boat

View from Pulau Pagang - 01

View from Pulau Pagang – 01

View from Pulau Pagang - 02

View from Pulau Pagang – 02

We arrived in Pulau Pagang at almost noon, around 11:30 AM. We challenged the sun and ready to swimming and snorkeling under the salty water. Satisfied by watching fishes and collecting shells, we headed back to Padang in the afternoon. Tomorrow is the last day of our holiday. The morning has come and we accidentally meet our juniors at gas station. We decided to go to Puncak Lawang together. We didn’t go to the forest but we go to the park. You can see Danau Maninjau from here. Here’s a shot:

View from Puncak Lawang

View from Puncak Lawang

Okay, beautiful views ended here. Time to go back to Pekanbaru. I didn’t feel regret because it’ll be my last trip with my dearest friends in this 4 years. Maybe we can go next time when we got our own money πŸ˜€ This was a very special trip to me and my friends, nothing can compare this! We’ll never forget the lessons we got there πŸ™‚


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