I Hate My Friends!

Hello there.

Do you ever feel furious, ashamed, blushed and mixed at the same time? Well I felt that way a few days ago. You feel that you can’t speak any of word and you just keep it safe in your mind. You can’t spill it out at that time or you will get caught what’s on your mind. That was very dangerous so you can only put your straight face on.

Isn’t it normal when you see a charming person and you want to get to know about her/him. So you tell you friends about what you see. For example, “hey, he looks hot.” And when you and your friend walk in front of her and then your friend whisper to you, “he’s behind you, he’s behind you.” Okay.. why did you tell it to me. Of course I knew it so st*u. I’m not mad but I just have to act cool. Well that’s why I hate my friends! Just sometimes. They can’t even act. They really CAN’T.

So what should I do then? They will always tease me, tease me and tease me. Well I know it’s my fault, why I tell my feelings to them. But only them who can listen to me. And with a bit hope, they will make randomly idea and make that person at least look at me. When that person look at me, it feels bright and I can feel the wind blows. But SOON it will be ruined by ashamed feeling.

It’s not like.. Well, I just..

I really appreciate their acts. But please, oh I don’t wanna talk about this. Okay, will you just let it flow naturally? Okay thanks.


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