Something That I Don’t Want to Write


Does anybody likes to make an enemy? Well I don’t, normally. But when someone does, umm well..

How do I start this.. I don’t think I can hold it.
People are not the same, they are different each other. Your plus, your minus. They are different with others. And of course your problem. Not everybody has the same problem, right? Maybe you have a ‘sensitive’ problem, and you can’t solve it by yourself. You can try asking close people around you, especially your family. After sharing with them and you can’t solve it, then try ask it to your best friends.

What are they for if you don’t share anything to them? Don’t think about only share happiness to them. You also need to share your pain with them. If they don’t listen to it β€” but they will listen to it, I swear, if they care about you.

Well, it’s hard to predict someone’s problem. But it’s easy to recognize if someone is in trouble. Don’t act till you’re the real actor. Because people who close to you will know that you have a problem.

Self-realization. Do you think you miss this point? Well, I should say this. If you don’t have this, how can someone realize you and your problem? I mean, you don’t care about someone’s thing, and try forget it. Don’t try forget it for real! If you forget it, you don’t have any respect to people’s belonging. You want a respect? And you have to obey the rule, dude. Don’t play it by yourself.

Well, who the hell am I dare to said all of this shit? I’m just an imperfect human, trying to do my best. Trying to understand each other. Yeah I really hate a fake smile, well I DO! And I hate behaving fake. Don’t hate me because I hate them all. You want to laugh and cry with them? Don’t blame them if they don’t listen to you. Try to introspect yourself. Love to use your friend? That’s okay, but not that often. Love to asking help to your friend? You can’t do anything if they can’t help you. Oh please don’t make me hate you more. Normally I really care about you.


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