Rainy Night

Have you ever think about running outside on rainy-stromy-night? Do you ever feel that you want to live by yourself, with no one around you?

When you don’t feel that you don’t belong to where you sit right now. You feel that you’re an alien. You don’t understand about what people said around you. Your friends, and even your family?

Sometimes I think about running away. Just running from this reality. Sometimes I don’t know why I remain silent, trying to be a good one.

Some people try to be nice so others will like you. Help people what they need so people will like you more — I need time for myself. Always being a selfish kid and plead to your parents to get what you want. Never think about what will happen to the future. Trying so hard so people will recognize you. Trying to make people love you, so they will do anything for you.

What’s the meaning of life, actually? — I really need a space only for me.

It would be fun to runaway by yourself, nowhere, no one would worried about you. Why do they even love me? I don’t think I’m worth enough to be loved by those few people. Is it real? They love me from the bottom of their heart? Is it just because a bond between us? Why they don’t let me cry? And why I keep crying even when I’m around them?

Look, I really need a private space here. I just can’t stop this sensitive feeling now. — Yongguk, will you shut up please. I really shouldn’t have listening to any song right now. God, I need more tissue.

Will someone love me when I do nothing? Or should I have some abilities to make them love me?

Right, nobody will dare to touch a withered wood.

I still haven’t do my best. I don’t even know if I have best of myself. Or is this all my best? I don’t know.

Still, that crazy idea will always appear in my mind. Running away, alone, and die in the cold of night.


I believe that every people in this world have two sides, they’re good side and bad side. It’s impossible to find a person with only good side or only bad side. No one is perfect. Perfect good person or perfect bad person. A really good person, doesn’t mean she/he never did a bad thing, neither does the bad one. So far, you only judge people by one side, good or bad, it depends on what they’ve done, the most seen side.


I love you, Dad, Mom, Sisters, and friends πŸ™‚


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