B.A.P Will Comeback as BADMAN


Yaay! Finally B.A.P will make a comeback after their concert! Today, TS Entertainment has released BADMAN teaser! Have you check it out? Not yet? Now just check the video below πŸ˜€

What do you think? That’s very awesome, right? I really can’t wait for BADMAN MV! We should wait until August 6th. Before releasing this teaser, B.A.P has released the other MVs. They are Coffee Shop and Hurricane! Now you should check them!

Well, what do you think of their MVs? These three MVs were made in America! California, Washington D.C, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and the last one, in Detroit. You know, Bang Yongguk wrote the lyrics of this album. He’s so amazing, isn’t he? Then, what are the remaining members doing? Haha B.A.P hwaiting!!! I’ll always support you because I love your music and very enjoy them β™₯


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