The Young Captain of Atlético Madrid, I Miss You

Hello everybody!

Today I feel very very kinda missing someone. You know, he is very young, charming, and a  great soccer player (about 8 years ago heehee).

Well, I started put my attention to him at EURO 2004 (yup, I enjoy watching soccer). After that, I wanna see him at club team. He was playing in Atlético Madrid, yeah I watched him almost every week. I usually wakes up at 00-02 AM every weekend, when Atlético Madrid playing. I stay awake in midnight — well, it’s about 5 hours different between Indonesia and Madrid clock. I should watch him no matter what, even tomorrow is school day. The 5th grade on elementary school has ended. Now I should go up to 6th grade. Thank goodness, I have friends to talk in my new class, 6 C. I spent my times talking to the boys, my classmates about the latest match. That was a very nice talk, because they like Torres too 🙂

Torres has impressed me by his C mark in his arm. Yeah, he’s too young to be a captain. But that what makes me so proud of him. In his young age, he could be a captain! You can see his talent just from this age! I was a supporter of Atlético Madrid then.

What makes me feel so impressed of that captain? Not only that. It happened in my 5th grade, in the year 2004 exactly. I can’t forget a match when Torres give Atlético Madrid 2 goals in this match (sorry I forget the opponent club). The first goal happened in 00:59 second! The game has just started and he already make a goal! Whooaa that’s very amazing! I just can’t forget he brought the ball from the middle of the field. Aaand the goal has created! After waiting for about 89 minutes, then the second goal has finally created! It’s the last minute, about 90 minutes of the game! Yup, Atlético Madrid succeed make 2 goals by Torres, in the beginning and the last time of the game. Whoa! THAT WAS VERY AMAZING!

I keep watch Torres play until my final national examination called UAN (my last examination to get out from elementary school to junior high school) comes. In my 1st year of junior high school, Torres started to elongate his hair and wear headband. Oh my GOD! I really don’t like that hair style! Since I’ve been a very busy student in junior high school, I don’t have time to watch soccer. I feel so sorry for stop watching him that time. In the other hand, I don’t like that hair style, it doesn’t suit him well! I keep telling myself like, “Go and have your hair cut!” Yeah, that’s what I’m talking to myself. I really hope Torres would cut his hair like spike or whatever they call it. Short hair matches him. He looks younger and charming ♥♥♥

Time has flow and I graduated from my junior high school. Time to go to the next level, senior high school. After a few years not heard a news about him, I feel so shock when I heard him move to Liverpool. What? BPL? That’s not what I want! But.. He did a great job in Atlético Madrid and Liverpool’s gonna take him away from Atlético Madrid? Yup, I understand Atlético Madrid isn’t that famous that time. It’s time for him to leave that place. To England.

Well, high school is killing me and I still couldn’t get time to watch soccer. But I could watch it only sometimes. Torres. In red suits. Never thought about it. Finally, 2011 has come. Torres should move to Blue Team. It’s BPL too. I can never imagine he againts his previous club. Blue Team vs Red Team. Yup it’s still happen until now. But after a year in Chelsea, I think he gets used being there, in The Blue Team. I have to support him until whenever, before he retires from soccer world. I know it soon will happen. I don’t know if I can find another him in the next generation. I will always support you, El Niño!!!

The picture above is the best suit for Torres to wear, I think. I just hope when he plays on National Team, Spain will always use this suit heehee :”>

I maybe a different person, not supporting one club forever. I keep moving of supporting team club. You maybe feel something weird, because many of my friends or maybe you yourself supporting one club forever in life. But not for me. I only support Torres no matter where he stands. I hope you understand why I don’t have a permanent club to support.

I promise I will always watch you play from now. It’s been a month when I watch you continuously. Go and fight as a striker and get your C mark soon~! ♥


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