B.A.P 1st MINI ALBUM ‘Goodbye’ with MATOKI


Yeeah B.A.P is comeback for the second time with ‘Goodbye’! It’s a really fast comeback because they’ve just make their previous comeback on last April! And now what? They will comeback with new album! Yiiippieee! *\^-^/* Take a look at the pic below, it’s from B.A.P official facebook ^^


Have you guys check the video yet? Not yet? Then check out this video πŸ™‚


This new album discovers B.A.P’s another talents — well it’s kinda rock. I can’t explain more about this album because I just know that they’ll make a new album today, or I can say this afternoon and it’s from my sister. There’s a song in this album arranged by Seo Taiji Band TOP. It’s a very unexpectedly album, right? Well let’s see for the next news πŸ™‚

B.A.P hwaiting! ^^*


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