SHINee “Sherlock” (4th Mini Album) Teaser

Annyeong haseyo!

This March SHINee will make a comeback and release their 4th Mini Album, Sherlock! They will release it on March 21st! Can’t wait? Me can’t wait either! Looks like SHINee has release all the member’s teaser. Have you seen all SHINee teaser for their 4th mini album? Hmm not yet? Okay, just see pics of 5 handsome boys below ^^

1st Teaser (Minho):

2nd Teaser (Taemin):

3rd Teaser (Onew):

4th Teaser (Key):

5th Teaser (Jonghyun):

Okay, all the boys has shown up. This is the album cover:

The songs will be released online on March 19th, and the album’s offline release on 21st March. SM Entertainment shared, “Korean music sites like MelOn as well as international distribution sites like iTunes will be releasing the songs to fans all over the world. All seven songs including the title track will be out, so we’re looking forward to what kind of explosive response the fans will be showing.” They continued, “SHINee’s fourth mini-album will exhibit the boys’ vocal growth and unique new style. The songs are all comprised of different genres.”


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