March and May :)

Annyeong haseyo!

It’s been a while since I write here. It’s already March, isn’tΒ  it? This March is gonna be awesome! Why? Because SHINee will comeback! *ROTFLOL*

Yup, uri SHINee will make a comeback on March 21st 2012. They will make their 4th mini album, called “Sherlock”. Hmm is this “Sherlock Holmes”? I love Sherlock Holmes, really! Hahaa.. Whoaa I’m so excited! ><

But before that, on March 13th B2ST’s Yoseob and Apink’s Eunji will release their song! That’s gonna be awesome! Hwaiting duo main vocalist! I’m looking forward to it ^^*

Well, about SHINee, they’ve released their first teaser, yesterday. It’s Minho! I don’t know why, but Minho is half-naked! Take a look at the pic below πŸ™‚


MAY! In this month INFINITE will make their comeback! Yippie! Let’s wait ^^*


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