Get Well Soon My Unnie! ♡

My lovely sister had a back surgery yesterday. I felt so nervous when she had it. But I’m happy again after everything’s done. I’m so glad! ^^
Now, we just have to wait until she recovered. Get well soon my sister! I’ll always ♡ you and be a good sister, like always 🙂


2 thoughts on “Get Well Soon My Unnie! ♡

  1. well, when you talked about your blog, i don’t expect you wrote something about me.. but, you wrote it.. and i’m so touched.. believe me or not, i’m crying right now.. i love you too my sister.. :’)

  2. Oh my unnie! Please don’t cry. It’s like I’ve made a big mistake 😦
    Heey I’m so happy you can reply this. Rest well, okay? Because I’m gonna see you on Thursday! You wanna see 2PM Show, right? But I don’t get an engsub. I guess it doesn’t matter. Can’t wait to see laugh! Hahaha..
    잘자요 내 사랑스러운 언니!
    (Good night my lovely sister!) ♡

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