Well, hello πŸ™‚

I really love to listening to the radio. But not the real one. It’s on GTA of course! Haha..
I love to listen to Playback FM and Radio Los Santos. It’s because these radios had Hip Hop R&B genre. I loooooove Hip Hop R&B! But Radio X is great too! I hate K-Jah West and K-DST. These radios sucks! It’s kinda country. Well, I don’t like country. It’s boring. But last week, when I sat on my grey FCR-900 and push the gas, I got K-DST as my radio. Grrgh, I wanna change it. But I couldn’t. I just listen to the music and… That song appear! I don’t even know why this such music appear on K-DST! It’s relaxing! (haha, what should I call it?)
I bet Guitar Hero had this song!
Heey, it’s true! It’s on Guitar Hero III. Yeaah it’s so rawks! Well, I mean ROCKS!!
Then I browse internet to find what band is that. I search in K-DST list. Aah it has 17 songs! I don’t know the band or even the title. Aargh so I just search it one by one. Then at number 12 (maybe) I found it!
Yeaaah I’m so happy!! It’s by Lynyrd Skynyrd. I don’t know how to say it! Well, just call it “Linerd-Skinerd”. Haha, I got it I got it! The title it, Free Bird. The duration is about 9 minutes. What a looooooong song. But it’s okay, I love it! The guitar rocks! Just hear it by yourself. I bet you won’t regret it. πŸ˜€


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