I & M

Ooh God! I don’t know what to do.

I have many problem now. Thursday I’ll get the last examination in this grade. And.. What is going on in this country?

I never thougth it before. Why is that country tried to steal, ructioning, and insult my country? I thought that we’re friends! Do they thinking that they’re not even better than us! They’re just a silent thieft! Aaarrghh! Why don’t they just confess that they’re stole from us! Aaarghh KUSO!

I can’t take this! I’m crying when they’re mocking at my country!

Please be aware *ALAY! I’ll never give my other lands to you, poor burglar! And don’t ever ever again impeach us as a thief! That’s just you, KUSO!

Oh my.. I never thought that sucks country is trying to insult and stealing from my country! I hate the ructions! I just love peace! -.-

As you know, I only wanted a PEACE in this earth!


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