I’m baaaack!!

Hello peeps.

Today was the happiest day I ever had. Do you know why? Lemme tell you.

I’m studying Physics this morning. I quiet love this lesson in 1st Semester of the year. But it becomes lame because of one thing. My teacher give us many homework and we must gather it on next Thursday. Huaaah.. I’m tired to say this. He gave us 7 questions on notebook. And then he added 25 more questions. Neeext, he ordered us to make a summary about last chapter, Electromagnetic Wave. Aah.. That’s too many, you know! Do you think that I only study for your lesson? Of course not mister! Arrrgh.. So annoying!

It’s like next week’ll be hard to me. I need your support guys.. πŸ™‚

Domo arigatou minna san. Konbanwa ne!


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